Stretching CatDo we need to bring our own food?

Food is included in your cats boarding fee. We feed a variety of branded dried food and various sachets. If your cat is on a specialised or prescription diet, then we would ask you to bring enough with you for your cats stay.

Our cat is on medication, can you administer this?

Yes, we have cats stay with special requirements! Please discuss your cats needs with us and we’ll help in continuing their care.

Do you have outside runs?

Unfortunately we can’t offer outside runs due to strict planning restrictions. Sorry.

Have you any scratch poles or toys?

We provide scratch poles for your cat, and have some bedding. We encourage owners to bring toys, bedding and anything that you think would help you cat settle in more quickly.

Our plans have changed is there a cancellation fee?

No, unless we have to turn away other customers there’s no cancellation fee.

We’ve got two cats, can they share?

Yes, our chalets are designed to accommodate two cats.